Messaging is much faster with Latest WhatsApp update

Messaging is much faster with Latest WhatsApp update


The newest WhatsApp update adds the ability to quick response to all your text messages.

IPhone owners have been in a position to reply and actions notifications since iOS 8 rolled out worldwide.

Whilst Apple fans have been able to Like Facebook posts, answer to iMessages and action Calendar alarms – WhatsApp has pulled its feet.

But the enormously popular messaging service has added the ability without leaving your current program to reply, by just swiping a telling.

Users can reply from notification centre and the homescreen without having to especially seek out as well as load the WhatsApp program.

The news comes weeks after WhatsApp included a divisive new feature that shows who your real friends really are.

The brand new update also brings notifications that are actionable to your lockscreen, which means without unlocking your iPhone, you are able to answer or blow off.

Notifications that are actionable also work on Apple Watch too, so users that are wearable can send a scripted answer or dictate a reply from their wrist.

WhatsApp last month updated its iOS app to integrate 3D Touch shortcuts to the homescreen for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus owners.

The upgrade lets users to take up a brand-new dialog – or seek out a vintage one – on the homescreen from the grid.

WhatsApp lately affirmed it’d more than 900million users – making it the world’s most famous messaging service.