Military move in Syria is confirmed by Russia Parliament

Military move in Syria is confirmed by Russia Parliament


Russia’s upper house of parliament has voted to allow the military to be deployed in Syria, paving the way for air strikes on the militant Islamic State (IS) group.

The vote followed a request for military aid from Syria, senior Kremlin official Sergey Ivanov said.

Mr Ivanov said the measure called for merely the usage of the air force and ruled out the usage of ground troops.

President Vladimir Putin called to get a comprehensive anti-terror coalition.

He told the UN it needs to not be dissimilar to the coalition that fought Hitler in World War Two.

A US-led coalition continues to be carrying out air strikes against IS for over a year in Iraq and Syria.

But Mr Ivanov, the president’s chief of staff, said since they’d not been authorised with a UN resolution or from the Syrian government, US and French airstrikes in Syria circumvented international law.

President Bashar al-Assad, he explained, had formally requested military assistance.

“National interest”

“This isn’t about reaching any foreign policy aims or meeting any dreams, which our Western partners frequently accuse us of. That is just about Russia’s national interests,” he said.

The Russian and US leaders million people to flee abroad. four have disagreed on the Syrian battle, which has claimed more than 250,000 lives and driven

But Mr Putin said it was an “enormous mistake” to will not work together with the Syrian authorities against militants.

Their position towards the Syrian president has lately softened, granting that he may have the ability to remain within a political transition in power.