Ministry of National Security highlights benefits of UK prison deal

Ministry of National Security highlights benefits of UK prison deal


In a release the ministry said a fresh facility provides help for prisoners who’ve survived unsatisfactory and overcrowded conditions .

In accordance with the ministry, if discussions are concluded between the Governments of Great Britain as well as Jamaica, it could give grant towards the building of a fresh penitentiary.

The proposal was unveiled by British Prime Minister David Cameron during his recent visit.

This is a portion of a Penitentiary Transport Arrangement when subject to deportation in the conclusion of the sentence, and a maximum of 300 Jamaicans in British jails, could be transferred to Jamaica.

Commissioner of Corrections Ina Hunter Fairweather has additionally emphasized the advantages of the deal, saying the state is going to have contemporary prison facility.

“Overtime we never have built new facilities, we’ve in fact retrofitted and so we must construct around infrastructure but if we are able to begin ground up, we are going to consider the amounts as well as the profiles of the offenders …”

Hunter Fairweather, who had been talking during a tour of St Catherine adult correctional centres and the Tower Road, said attempts to construct new prisons in Jamaica haven’t materialised due to the inability to procure funds as well as the large costs involved.