MIRACLE! Did Salman Khan just confess he’s a FAN of Shah Rukh...

MIRACLE! Did Salman Khan just confess he’s a FAN of Shah Rukh Khan?


Recall we’d lately told to you one homage performance had been viewed by Salman Khan to Shah Rukh Khan just like a Jabra Fan that is accurate? The star had chosen the front row in a recent awards show to just see an SRK special act which afterwards got everyone talking. Yes! This occurred. Is it possible to believe it?

The tweet has come to SRK’s BUFF preview that has been released in response. While fans have already been raving about the preview like there is no tomorrow. Salman being true tweeted the preview link with this particular adorable caption above and determined to join up with the #SRK madness on Twitter.

How sweet is that? This only shows the bond they share. To not forget, Salman’s picture had been overly likewise marketed by Shah Rukh during Bajrangi Bhaijaan a year ago. Wait a minute, have the stars signed a deal of forms to market the movies of each other?

We are saying thus because a commerce specialist had JUST told us Salman and Shah Rukh might openly show warmth and affection towards each other, however it’s an entirely different storyline in regards to protecting their professional interests. Both their pictures(Sultan and Raees) are releasing about the exact same day and neither of them is able to opt from the race.”, disclosed the source.

However, even though it is only for benefit that is professional, we can not stop adoring our Karanarjun! What about you guys?