Miss World Priyanka Chopra: ‘I’m not arrogant, I’m self-assured’

Miss World Priyanka Chopra: ‘I’m not arrogant, I’m self-assured’


It was January 2000 and in an automobile by the Juhu beach in Mumbai 17-year old Priyanka Chopra was hanging out with buddies. She was beginning to think about a career in Bollywood and had lately been crowned Miss India.

Through the windshield six billboards advertising the most recent Indian movie could be seen by her. She told her friends if she could be on all six hoardings, she just wished to be a star. Her time is really valuable her publicists indicate we speak while she’s her hair and makeup done. It is a girl who thrives on multitasking, although I am stressed Chopra will find it difficult to concentrate on the dialogue: she can act, sing and dance.

After saying matters you defendant are voiced with entire conviction Chopra laughs a great deal. In her native India, Chopra is enormous – she is appeared in over 50 movies and won 24 movie awards such as the Indian equivalent of an Oscar. She lives in a well-off and exclusive suburb of Mumbai popular with celebs.

Gossip columns fill. But while her star was confined to those that follow Indian movies, together with the success of her new TV series her popularity has gone international. Quantico, filmed in Canada although made by the ABC network, is in regards to a team of FBI cadets whose training course was infiltrated with a terrorist. Chopra plays with the lead – making the 33-year old the first Indian to achieve this in a mainstream US play. “I am not even Indian-American, I am Indian-Indian,” she says. I used to be nervous because I was not certain if America was prepared for a lead that looked like me.”