More Japanese rivers overflow bringing additional floodings, 23 lost

More Japanese rivers overflow bringing additional floodings, 23 lost

Floodings that crossed houses off foundations and destroyed them under landslides propagate on Friday burst their banks, leaving at least 23 people driving and missing more than 100,000 to flee.

A serious rain warning remained in effect but floodwaters were pulling away in the worst-hit city of Joso after washing houses away, occasionally using their owners indoors, in scenes reminiscent of a tsunami.

Three individuals were killed, including a 63-year old girl when her house was hit with a landslide destroyed and another when her car was swept away. At least 28 people were injured.

Two eight-year old kids were among the lost as the flood disperse north to Miyagi prefecture, whose shoreline was ravaged by the March 11, 2011, tsunami and quake that killed almost 20,000
A number of those saved on Friday said the floods brought back memories of the catastrophe.

“Of course, this scenario isn’t as awful, but you must be accountable to your personal life.”

The flood failed to reach nuclear reactors damaged in Fukushima in the 2011 catastrophe but at least 30 totes full of suspected radioactive grass as well as other contaminated material were swept away from a site where they were being kept in a closeby town.

“My home is performed for,” one elderly woman told national broadcaster NHK.

Some parts of Japan received more than the normal September quantity of rain in two days by midday on Thursday, triggering a few of the worst floods in more than 60 years.

Emphasis on disaster mitigation has raised since the 2011 catastrophe and authorities are eager to prevent the sort of criticism levelled at governments for what was viewed as a slow response before.

“We’re doing everything in our capacity to save those in need when you possibly can,” chief cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.