MOST AMAZING THING! Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 Things To Know About The...

MOST AMAZING THING! Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 Things To Know About The Epic New Phone


Users that are android can not quit talking about the Samsung Galaxy that is next, and for good reason — it is going to be legendary. Discover when you may get four and one more facts below! Need to learn more regarding the Galaxy S7 ahead of its launch? Let’s help you out!

1. You do not have to wait to get one.

Although Samsung merely revealed the Galaxy S7 as well as the Galaxy S7 Edge on Feb. 21, the telephones will reach shops just a few weeks later on March 11 with every US carrier.

And judging from the hoopla, they will be selling like hotcakes! (But in case you’d like to get before the match, you can preorder it beginning on Feb. 23!)

2. The microSD card slot is back!

Samsung users are not just pleased to learn that the S6 did not contain a slot for microSD cards, which raise the storage space on your telephone. It was just appropriate to offer the people what they need and place one!

3. The S7 is not any larger than the S6, but it certainly will not be nastier.

The Galaxy S7 Edge, however, can have a 5.5-inch screen.

4.  Preordering the phone has a perk.

In the event you purchase your Galaxy S7 Samsung provides you with a package of six games along with a totally free Gear VR virtual reality headset. That present is valued at $100, so it is undoubtedly a sweet deal!

5. They are expensive, however they appear to be completely worthwhile.

Because these telephones are really so high tech, the Galaxy S7 comes in around the S7 Edge prices as well as $670 at $780. However, before you presume that you just can not manage it, never worry — monthly payment plans are being offered by each provider get excited for March 11!