MOST EMOTIONAL MOMENT OF THE OSCARS! Kate Winslet In Tears As Leonardo...

MOST EMOTIONAL MOMENT OF THE OSCARS! Kate Winslet In Tears As Leonardo DiCaprio Wins For Best Actor


Jack and Rose forever! Once Leo was named ‘Best Actor’ for his part in ‘The Revenant,’ Kate needed to wipe her tears of happiness away!

The heart of Kate Winslet will go on 41, for Leonardo DiCaprio. The 40- year old Oscar nominated performer is also the largest supporter of Leo, and she could not hold back her emotions when he eventually took home an Academy Award!

Kate may have now been more joyful than Leo over his triumph for The Revenant through the 88th Academy Awards on Feb. 28.

Leo took home the largest prize in Hollywood after being refused for such a long time. Kate saw on as Leo basked in the glory of his awesome performance with her hands clenched wet with years!

Leo and Kate won a place in film-fans’ hearts by playing with Jack and Rose but their friendship has gone way beyond the 1997 hit.

The 1998 Golden Globes were attended by these two jointly and they are the most adorable BFFs Hollywood in all.

And though fans might have loved to see Rose and Jack get together in actual life, Kate disclosed that Leo and she adore each other — only not like this.

There is no way that Kate would miss seeing Leo quit being another great performer without an Oscar and take home an Academy Award.

Like Leo has not been there for Kate, it is not. When she won her part in Steve Jobs the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress, the primary man was Leo.