Mother charged for leaving her two years old baby ‘terrible mistake’

Mother charged for leaving her two years old baby ‘terrible mistake’


A mother who forgot to take her two-month old kid home along with her from the super mart has insisted-she’s an excellent mom who made a’ mistake that was terrible.

Cherish Peterson, 27, were rushing round a supermarket store with three of her young kids and totally forgot about two-month old Huxton, who had been left outside the shopping mall in Gilbert, Arizona in a shopping trolley.

A misdemeanor charge has filed .

Nevertheless, she insists the entire episode was just absentmindedness.

Within an emotional interview with CBS 5 Mrs Peterson, said: “I am a great mother who made a terrible error.

“I got into my car, and usually I put my cart away.

“As I was pulling to the garage, my three-year old goes, ‘Where Is infant Huxton?’

A Phoenix police officer took him to keep him safe while he hunted for his mom and seen Huxton in the trolley.

Huxton revealed no signals of misery, authorities said.

She has been supported by Peterson’s husband Nathan.

He explained: “I wed the greatest, when it comes to the mom and wife Cherish is to me and our kids,’ he said.

“A mistake was made, and we learned, but we are not perfect.

“But we love our family and we love our kids and we’re glad that everything is fine.”