Motorway shut As Migrants Walk To Vienna

Motorway shut As Migrants Walk To Vienna


As lots of migrants walked to Vienna, Austria has partly shut the A4 motorway close to the Hungarian border for security reasons, said authorities.

Reporters estimate 1,000 individuals pushed through police the 40-mile excursion on foot on Friday ‘s the, OeBB, discontinued of railway its train service from and on Thursday Hungary to overcrowding.

Services will stay frozen through the weekend, the organization said in a statement.

OeBB said: That is crucial that you keep train services running.”

Crossed the individuals some 8,000 border into Austria and already had 3,600 made their way since midnight.

It comes as Hungarian authorities started an investigation into a video that emerged online revealing authorities in surgical covers throwing bunches of sandwiches out to migrants clamouring for food in a reception center in Roszke on Hungary’s southern boundary with Serbia.

SpritzendorferEhrenhauser, who had been seeing the camp together with the Hungarian Red Cross, shot the footage.

“There were perhaps 100 people attempting to catch these plastic bags with sausages… They were unable to organise a team and handle them like human beings.”

A Hungary has come under increasing pressure as it’s fought to handle more than 170,000 individuals this year attempting to get to Europe.