Narsingh Yadav: Was eager to win medal in World Championships

Narsingh Yadav: Was eager to win medal in World Championships


Placing the onus directly whether star grappler Sushil Kumar or he should fly after winning a quota place in the recent World Championships, Narsingh Yadav today said he was really keen to win the bronze medal in Vegas. “I was really keen to win a medal in the World Championships (in USA). Now it is upto the federation (WFI) to determine whether I should be sent to the Rio Olympics. But thus far in history only the man who’d clinched the quota spot was sent,” said the 26-year old Yadav, who bagged the bronze medal in the Vegas Worlds in dramatic fashion, here.

A raging argument has began whether Yadav, a Deputy Superintendent in the Maharashtra Police and supported by JSW, or two time Olympic medalist (bronze medal in 2008 and silver in 2012), Sushil, should represent the united states in the 74kg group at next year’s Rio Games after the former’s amazing come-from-behind triumph in the united states to ace the quota spot in this weight class for the state.

Remembering the fight, after seeing the replay of the ending seconds with the reporters on a giant screen behind him, Yadav stated that it was his only opportunity to clinch the medal and also the fight after trailing by this kind of large allowance. It is called ‘dhak’ in mud wrestling and I’ve done mud wrestling within my formative years,” said Yadav.

“It wasn’t the ideal situation to be in. I controlled the pace and picked up points in the first round. In the second my opponent put me under pressure to pick up points quickly, but I was confident of my own skills and just went for the ‘dhak’. I am happy to win the medal after such a dramatic match,” he said.