Naughty, Did Aamir Khan just say that Salman Khan looks better without...

Naughty, Did Aamir Khan just say that Salman Khan looks better without clothes!

This time Mr. Perfectionist can’t quit gushing about his buddy. He admitted that Salman Khan appeared better without clothes while talking into a leading portal site,. Ah! What?

At the moment the whole country is talking about Bhaijaan’s langot look in Sultan. Everyone was left stunned after seeing Khan in a langot and personally I still ca’t get him over. I mean he seemed SO HOT. OK I should stop gushing about him and get back as to the Sultan’s pal must say about his half naked appearance in the trailer, “Kapdon mein toh vo achcha lagta hi hai, aur kapdon ke bina toh aur bhi. Langot mein toh sabse achcha lagta hai. ( He clearly look good in clothes, but without garments he is even more better) He’s a very charming, gifted guy. I’m a big fan of his acting.” Salman are you reading this?

I ‘m dead certain Khan will be after reading his pal’s comment obstructed. Well that himself admitted that he was quite shy to wear a langot. At the preview launching of the film Bhai said, “ I never felt shy within my life. I’ve gone shirtless many times, but wearing this langot was the part that was most challenging. Now I understand how the heroines feel when they wear bikini or swimsuit for scenes”. Is that it’s been worth it. Everyone just ca’t stop drooling over you.