‘Nazdeekiyan’ act in ‘Shaandaar’ Performed Perfectly by Alia Bhatt

‘Nazdeekiyan’ act in ‘Shaandaar’ Performed Perfectly by Alia Bhatt


After releasing two songs, Shaam Shaandaar and Gulaabo, that have gone and become superb hit songs, the manufacturers of Shaandaar are actually planning to release their third tune, which can be called Nazdeekiyan. The tune will showcase Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor do another type of dance jointly – Ballroom dancing.

All of us know of Shahid Kapoor’s incredible dancing abilities. So much so, the performer helped his costar of Shaandaar, Alia Bhatt’s moves are perfected by she. The dancing type needed knowledge regarding the technique as well as lots of practise. Shahid Kapoor helped Alia through it, while she put in all her efforts into making it seem amazing.

This tune is a monochrome tune in this colourful picture that will be a very rare thing to see now on the silver screen. Representative of the movie confirms and includes, “Crowds are adoring the freshness in the pairing of Shahid and Alia. This song showcases more of its audiences’ screen chemistry.”

The movie has generated a craze amongst its crowds using some posters releases by establishing its preview, which was followed as well as the considerably lately released music tracks.