What you need to know about Apple Watch?

What you need to know about Apple Watch?


There are news that Apple will hold an event in San Francisco at 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time,to introduce the features in the Apple Watch and clarify more details about the product.

They will announce on the battery life and the price of the watch which expected to be about $350, it the cheapest new category while Apple has ever introduced the iPod, in 2001, was $399.

In the spring of 2013 there were calls when Appleā€™s market capitalisation was $366bn, far below an earlier peak of $658bn in September 2012 but now it has exceded $750bn and Cook is still in place.

An analysts While a new products on the way are beginning wonder: could Apple soon be worth $1tn? And how much of a part will the new watch play in that?

What you need to know that Apple has marketed the watch as a device that can appeal to a range of customers. The watch requires a newer iPhone to fully operate, partly because the iPhone will hold the third-party apps that run on the device.

Also you should know that Apple Watch expected to be in stores in next April with three models with a touch screen and a digital crown for navigating the device, to be sold at different prices