New Documentary ‘The Latin Explosion’ Going To Be Premiere by HBO

New Documentary ‘The Latin Explosion’ Going To Be Premiere by HBO


The brand new movie, directed by Matt O’Neill, showcases Latinos in the ways and also music American culture has been impacted by it. One of numerous singers it profiled contain George Lopez, Rita Moreno, Jose Feliciano, Thalia and Cheech Marin.

Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, Pitbull, Prince Royce and Sofia Vergara figure to the documentary too.

For people that have never learned of these celebs it will give insight into what these stars did to overcome the much hated stereotypes developed by the entertainment industry.

By way of example, crowds will be guided by it through the careers of musical pop stars Marc Anthony, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. In addition, it will also showcase Eva Longoria’s political efforts to have her voice and in the sector and it’ll also shed light on Sofia Vergara, the best paid TV star in the world.

Historic footage of Emilio Esteban and Gloria Esteban will also be displayed.

Although additionally, it will focus on a few of the less known artists such as a Tony Award-winning artist, Rita Moreno and additionally Jose Feliciano who became among the very cherished musicians in the world and conquered his blindness.

The documentary started in HBO Chief Richard Plepler’s office a year ago when the job was pitched by executive producer Tommy Mottola, Sony executive and husband according to his novel. It later went through iterations and many drafts and finally it became a film and its particular cultural impact.

HBO has been quite active in speaking about diversity in communities along recent years. They have profiled Latinos before in their own documentary “The Latino List,” which was a tremendous success. The network has also gone on to profile other underrepresented minorities like the black community.

Latin American cinema is dealing with a bloom especially following the emergence of Pantelion, a joint venture with Lionsgate. They’ve strived to get to the Latin American audience with mixed results. Other companies which have tried to break through and have also profiled Latinos include the recent joint venture as well as Latin Heat with Dynamo, Fabula and Canana. It’ll be intriguing to learn how this new documentary impacts many of these well known celebrities’ exposure.

“The Latin Explosion: A New America” airs on Monday Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. on HBO.