New Hampshire school: President of the University said the guide is not...

New Hampshire school: President of the University said the guide is not campus policy


The free language guide created by students and staff of University of New Hampshire in 2013, wasn’t attention seeker until a traditional news site introduced it this week.

The head of university of New Hampshire said on Wednesday: he is in great trouble and insulted by numerous portions of a “bias-free language guide” which is being posted on the official school’s website, above all a recommendation that by means use the word “American” is trouble maker and the reason is “statement is enable to recognize South America”.

The guide captured unnoticeable attention up until this week. Asked about the scenario on Wednesday, the university president, Mark Huddleston aggressively replied that the guide is not campus policy.

“While individuals on our campus have every right to express themselves, I want to make it absolutely clear that the views expressed in this guide are NOT the policy of the University of New Hampshire. I am troubled by many things in the language guide, especially the suggestion that the use of the term ‘American’ is misplaced or offensive,” he said. “The only UNH policy on speech is that it is free and unfettered on our campuses. It is ironic that what was probably a well-meaning effort to be ‘sensitive’ proves offensive to many people, myself included.”

The guide is available as a reserve on a UNH official website. Struggles made by university featured inside.