New technology to be tested by Australia after wave of shark attacks

New technology to be tested by Australia after wave of shark attacks


Australian shark specialists will examine cutting edge technology — including electric obstacles powered by wave energy — following an “unprecedented” string of attacks on swimmers.

The state has among the greatest prevalence in the world’s of research workers and shark attacks from all over the world met at a meeting organised to deal with community concerns in Sydney on Tuesday.

A Japanese surfer died in February after a shark tore off his legs but there have already been other serious assaults down and up the more than 2,000-kilometre-long NSW shore.

There have been 13 strikes in the state up to now in 2013, compared to three in 2014.

“Finally, we have went from a situation in a few areas of the shore where the shoreline was delight to panic, and we must take that away,” Baird said, adding that his government expected to examine a few of the recommended technologies throughout the coming summer.

“The decision making procedure to roll out the technologies are going to be to the foundation of science, it WOn’t be kneejerk, it WOn’t take regards to any kind of populist outcry.”

Baird — an enthusiastic surfer that has ruled out culling sharks as an alternative — said he trusted specialists would find means to balance the requirement to safeguard people against lessening the damage to marine life got in obstacles including webs.

Hindrance technologies set to be reviewed contain electric obstacles that may be powered by wave energy, along with private apparatus that swimmers and surfers can wear.

“Sharks have seven perceptions.

“We are capable of using the data to possibly design better deterrence technologies.”