NEWS AND BUZZ! Bigg Boss 9 evicted contestant SEXY Gizele Thakral feels...

NEWS AND BUZZ! Bigg Boss 9 evicted contestant SEXY Gizele Thakral feels GREAT that Shah Rukh-Salman noticed her big lips!


Gizele Thakral who had been evicted in the Bigg Boss9 house lately is disappointed that she failed to get great amount of votes to stay back.“There are so many other contestants who are weak and haven’t given any content, but I guess because I don’t have many fans, I did not get votes,” says Gizele. The model-turned-performer who’ll be viewed in two approaching sex humors has shared display space with

Mandana Karimi in one picture. And, though the two had lots of fights inside your home. “That’s because Mandana is egotistic and can be easily manipulated. Priya (Malik) told her that I had an agenda and that is why I wanted to be friends with her, which Mandana believed. I realised that she was possessive because as soon as I stopped talking with Priya, she was good to me,” says Gizele. Nevertheless she is grateful to Mandana, who she says, was the only who helped her when she injured her leg. Ask her if she has sorted out things with Mandana and she quips, “It’s very difficult to do that because she is stubborn, but that’s her nature and I don’t blame her.”

She was teased for her fuller lips by host Salman Khan, when in the home. Did that make her aware? Salman has made my lips well-known,” grins Gizele who’s now getting excited about the launch of her forthcoming movies.