News Of The Day! Kate Winslet Pushing Leonardo DiCaprio To Finally Get...

News Of The Day! Kate Winslet Pushing Leonardo DiCaprio To Finally Get Married & Start A Family


He can eventually have his Oscar win, but there is still one BIG thing in the event you inquire Kate Winslet! A source tells ONLY that Kate considers Leo would make a fantastic father and is now driving him to get married once and for all. Um, where could we sign up?!

But with all the Oscar win formally under his belt, it seems Kate has one other wish that she had still like to see Leo reach: union! Why? She considers it could be his finest role yet!”Kate is totally overjoyed with Leo’s Oscar triumph,” an insider told ONLY. “Now she needs to see him execute another dream — getting married and starting a household. She knows with no doubt that Leo could be a special father.

She keeps telling him that once he experiences fatherhood, he will fall in love with all the best character ever! Kate’s has joked with him, but it is not actually a joke, that she desires to meet all future girlfriends so she is able to discover when they’re wife content!”

These two are formally the most adorable! While we had still love only to begin to see the Titanic costars get married themselves — they are so certainly designed to be, right? — We’re able to undoubtedly get on board with deciding Kate picking out the future wifey of Leo. All things considered, there is no denying that Kate is the largest fan — a fact that she demonstrated multiple times through the Oscars of Leo.

Only one day after he won his part in The Revenant, a brief gold -but-sweet gif disclosed that Kate and Leo Winslet shared an intimate moment right before his group was called. In the video, which seems to be from the backstage/crowd live flow, Leo could be seen grinning with expectation in his seat before Kate gives him a sweet kiss contrary to the side of his jaw — and maybe his neck and leans in!

Now, simply to be clear, Kate is wed so this is a simply a friendship kiss. But nevertheless, a woman can dream right? Oh, and the two also shared an insanely special minute together outside up to the huge show, when that all were not adorable enough.