NEWS OF THE DAY! Shah Rukh Khan BEATS Akshay Kumar on the...

NEWS OF THE DAY! Shah Rukh Khan BEATS Akshay Kumar on the Forbes 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2016


It’s always a moment of pride to have a direct effect in the international front or to learn that Bollywood celebs are recognized globally. Worldwide, there are some who’ve made their mark with their gains while we have celebs that have made an impact with their work!

In accordance with the list, Shah Rukh Khan shares the position with basketballer James Harden, Melissa McCarthy, music band, Dave Matthews Band and Hollywood stars Robert Downey Jr and stands on the 86th standing. According to Forbes’ evaluation, Khan’s gains came in the humongous fee obviously, brand sanctions and he billed for Dilwale. The 50 year old performer made to the list thanks and additionally high end brand sanctions.

Based on Forbes, the 48 year old performer’s gains contain the “banked top rupee for three hit movies in our scoring span” which constitute of his last year’s launches, Brothers, Singh is this year’s Airlift and Bling. Besides that, the performer also made dollars by backing for a bike brand and a gold loan business.

The Forbes list however, pop diva, Taylor Swift with a whopping bringing in of $170 million that she made from high profile occasions, brand sanctions and her 1989 tour. Following the popstar is One Direction, boy band and writer James Patterson in second and third places, respectively.

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