NEWS UPDATE! India backs off after frenzied war rhetoric

NEWS UPDATE! India backs off after frenzied war rhetoric


The realisation appears to have sunk in that military adventurism against Pakistan is not a choice as it would have devastating consequences not merely for the two nations but for the whole region, after a week of hysterical war mongering by Indian officialdom.

When he talked about isolating Pakistan diplomatically Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who have been conferring to research the likelihood of overt or covert military strikes in Pakistan, apparently backed down on Saturday.

New Delhi blamed Pakistan for the September 18 fatal assault in Indian occupied Kashmir based on flimsy evidence, the credibility of which is being challenged by some circles within India.

On Saturday, Islamabad called for an international investigation into the attack in Uri sector in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed.

The Indian media went into overdrive to create war hysteria in the country. But on Saturday, Modi sought to quiet his right-wing patrons who’ve been clamouring for a muscular response to Islamabad, saying his government would continue its push.

“We will leave no stone unturned to isolate Pakistan on earth,” he told the party of his hardline supporters.

Stepping back from his preceding belligerence, the Indian prime minister resorted to small taunts in his speech. “India is ready for a war but let’s fight a war on poverty, joblessness, and let’s see who wins first, Pakistan or India,” he said.

Modi additionally promised that 17 infiltration attempts had been foiled by the Indian military across the border, killing 110 ‘fidayeen terrorists’ in the last few months.

“It is deplorable that India consistently decides to blame Pakistan for any incident even prior to conducting a suitable investigation. The statement is part of a pattern to cover up India’s reign of terror in IOK and to mislead the world view,” Aziz told BBC Urdu. “We demand that the probe, directed by neutral, international bodies, be carried out into the incident that will be free of any prejudice.”

A liberation movement is continuing in IOK,” he said, adding that such assaults that are “ would dent the movement in Pakistan and Kashmir ’s cause”.

Aziz contended the claims were a “blatant attempt on India’s part to deflect focus in the fast deteriorating humanitarian and human rights situation” in Kashmir since the killing of young separatist leader Burhan Wani by Indian troops.

“This is not initially that India did this [ie, attributed Pakistan]. During a visit by the then US president, Bill Clinton, to India, IOK was rattled by a similar big event and India, as usual, laid the blame at Pakistan’s doorsill. Afterwards, it turned out that India had staged the event merely to malign Pakistan.”

He said it was impossible to stage a cross-border strike in such a heavily-fortified region, adding that despite dilly-dallying tactics of India in supplying ‘solid signs’ after the Mumbai and Pathankot assaults, “Pakistan was prepared to assist in the Uri strike probe.”