Nick Jonas has a little crush on Jennifer Lawrence! ‘What’s Not To...

Nick Jonas has a little crush on Jennifer Lawrence! ‘What’s Not To Love?’


The hot singer revealed he’d be entirely down to date JLaw in a fresh interview — 23, Nick Jonas, is currently letting the world know he’s willing and prepared 25, to date Jennifer Lawrence. But does JLaw believe Nick could be her Prince Charming?

The response to that particular question will have to wait. The Envious hitmaker disclosed he believed the Oscar-winning performer was really loveable and he’d be thinking about going on a date together with her.

Nick immediately replied when specifically asked about Jennifer: No explanation is needed by that. We understand why. What’s not to adore?”.

Wow! Not even attempting to play difficult to get is ’sed by him, we expect you’re listening JLaw. And she might be. Only take a look at her!) In a interview by the end of a year ago. Worse, Jennifer disclosed not only do’t ask her out but they’re really mean to her!

On the other hand, the grilling did’t finish there. Nick was likewise asked about Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Blac Chyna. Being the true and down to earth man we understand he’s (well, we expected!), Nick said Gigi would’t be a possible puppy love on account of her previous relationship with his brother, Joe Jonas. Exactly what a guy that is good!

Judging by his reaction that is blank when asked about Blac it looks Rob Kardashian has nothing to be envious about in regards to his soon to be missus! He did however say so perhaps Casper Smart has something to concern yourself with, he’d bae ” Jennifer Lopez?