Nick Jonas Simply Wins #TBT

Nick Jonas Simply Wins #TBT


Stop #TBT, because Nick Jonas is only winner. The former Jonas Brothers star shared a completely uproarious snapshot of himself and girlfriend Miley Cyrus on Thursday, Nov. 12, which showcased not only his and Cyrus’ long hairdos that were awe-inspiring, but also his seriously sweaty armpits!

Jonas, 23, who has recently been romantically linked to 36-year old actress Kate Hudson, spoke out during an interview with Elle magazine about his relationship choices that were early earlier this year.

On his year-and-a-half relationship together with the “Wrecking Ball” vocalist, Jonas insisted there were no sorrows. “Jonas was so youthful,” he said, back in April. We’ve wished the best and always had regard. I do not know I have any regrets. It is more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my own entire life and in hers,” he says.

But while Jonas had just great things to express about his teen love, the musician did admit there were particular issues that could cause complications when dating other musicians.

“Jonas think that dating other musicians may be complicated at times,” he confessed. “Particularly when other musicians think highly of themselves. It can complicate matters. That is likely why I’m no longer with those people.”