Nick Kyrgios isn’t embarrassed by his sledging of Stan Wawrinka

Nick Kyrgios isn’t embarrassed by his sledging of Stan Wawrinka


However, While the guy himself has revealed some compunction, never and he is refusing to bow down to other people’s wishes that he cower right into a casing talk his thoughts again.
Sorry to inform you that teammate” in regard to Croatian tennis player Donna Vekic. And he was not backing down.

“Obviously I wouldn’t do it again but I wouldn’t say I was embarrassed by it at all. I’m not embarrassed by it,” Kyrgios told The Guardian.

“I originally didn’t think it would be picked up (on microphones) like that but it happened.”

There are a lot of folks willing Kyrgios to tone down his on-court antics, however he sees no reason to totally renovate his persona. The wild child recognised that if he desires to prevent a ban in the sport then he must shift a few of his behavior, but he is still vowed to maintain the heart-on-sleeve convention which has seen him grow to no. 37 on the planet.

“But in the exact same time I am not likely to go out there not showing any emotions. I’m planning to go around and make an effort to be myself.”

“I apologised. Whether he (Wawrinka) accepted it or not, it is not my issue.”

The fact he did not do it does not appear to trouble Kyrgios while he apologised to Vekic.

“I apologised to Donna, not in person, but clearly through contacts.”

When asked if he believed he should apologise to her face to face, he only answered: “No”.

In between all the Kyrgios-bashing from the media as well as opponents, Andy Murray has been among the few individuals to provide support to the underfire firearm that is youthful.

“He is always been someone I could sort of speak to, if that is sort of through Twitter or in person,” Kyrgios said. “He is been someone that is helped me. He is always been pleasant to me. We have practised several times too. I have got a good relationship and he understands the journey. He is been through some rough times too. It is lots of downs and ups out there.

“I understand that he is among the top players on the planet right now. I only have to go out there and play with the best kind of game and believe I will win. I am aware what his strengths are and learn the best way to play with it. I only have to do it to the day.”