“No Place For Transgenders” Pakistani Trans Activist Who Died After Being Shot...

“No Place For Transgenders” Pakistani Trans Activist Who Died After Being Shot Was Humiliated In The Hospital


A Pakistani transgender activist who’d been shot several times died after a Peshawar hospital delayed treatment due to disagreement over placing her in a male or female ward, according to activists who brought her in.

The woman — identified only as Alisha — received multiple gunshot wounds on Sunday evening and was taken to the city’s Lady Reading Hospital.

Activists said the medical staff kept her waiting for several hours, as they cannot determine whether to put her in a female or male ward after arriving at hospital, the Express Tribune reported.

Despite several requests to transfer her to a female ward, Alisha was eventually transferred between male and female wards, according to reports, which ignited a protest on Trans Action Alliance (TAA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Facebook page.

The group subsequently said they had to hire a personal room as the hospital said she could not be accommodated by it in the male or female wards, as hospital staff asserted there was “no area for transgenders.”

She got multiple procedures that were medical on Tuesday and Monday. Nonetheless, on Wednesday morning, TAA declared that Alisha had died at the hospital because she never got intensive medical attention,” and attributed the provincial government.