No plans to retire: Sophia Loren

No plans to retire: Sophia Loren


Since Sophia Loren was first discovered, some things about the film business have changed for celebrities in the more than five decades, and some things have stayed just the same.

Choose for pay equity instance, along with the reality that worthy performers sometimes make less than their male counterparts.

“It never changed. It’s always the same. Even in life sometimes, regrettably,” Loren said about the red carpet on Monday night ahead of the nonprofit Americans for the Arts honoured her at its National Arts Awards.

Loren received the Carolyn Clark Powers Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by director and choreographer Rob Marshall before a star-studded crowd that included Lady Gaga Tony Bennett and artists Chuck Close and Jeff Koons.

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When the mood strikes, at 81, Loren still works. The phrase retirement isn’t in her vocabulary.

“That’s horrible, the word retire. “We begin always like it was the launch of a long career.”

With the onslaught of technology and the speed at which the world turns today, Loren said she appreciates adopting the “new” in life.

“Well I think you have to get accustomed to the brand new things that come out as well as try and run after them and make an effort to be always surviving in a world that belongs to you personally, although you need to learn many things more,” she described.

What is Loren’s best advice for young celebrities nowadays?

“To take life seriously,” she said, “to do the right things rather than to take life easily, as occasionally the girls, they do because they don’t have experience.”

She included: “They want good moms, good parents.”