No, Taylor Swift failed to snort cocaine – she simply blew her...

No, Taylor Swift failed to snort cocaine – she simply blew her nose


Her nose was blown by Taylor Swift backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards and some overexcited guys and made five because they are saying Swifty instead snorted cocaine.

Yep, America’s squeaky-clean sweetheart was faced with accusations of cocaine-snorting as it sounds and it is undoubtedly as silly.

A video emerged online revealing Taylor walking backstage after performing in LA in the Microsoft Theater on Sunday. She subsequently pauses, at which point among her helpers hands her something although she’s greeted by means of a gaggle of minders and assistants who walk with her down a hallway.

A few of her group look above their shoulders carefully while a guy, who we imagine is a bodyguard, stares straight in the camera – that’s considered to be in place to get a live stream of MTV VMAs footage that is backstage.

But while Gawker reports the video was initially posted maintaining Taylor was snorting cocaine, a frame by frame look in the scene certainly reveals her being given a tissue. Two of her helpers subsequently hold a flashlight to Taylor’s nose to look over the bat was in the cavern.

Before it had been removed, it had been sent to Gawker.

The website also reports if it maintained Taylor was snorting the Class A drug, it was threatened with legal action.