Nobel medicine prize awarded for work on parasitic diseases

Nobel medicine prize awarded for work on parasitic diseases


Satoshi Omura, William Campbell and Youyou Tu together won the 2015 Nobel Prize for medicine for his or her work against parasitic diseases, the prize-giving body said on Monday.

Irish-created Japanese and Campbell Omura won half of the prize for finding a new drug, avermectin, which has helped the fight and lymphatic filariasis, along with demonstrating effectiveness.

The Chinese scientist Youyou Tu was given the other half for finding a drug which has reduced the mortality rates for patients affected by malaria artemisinin,.

“The results when it comes to improved human well-being and reduced anguish are immeasurable. ”

Despite accelerated improvement in controlling malaria in the previous decade, the mosquito-borne disease still kills over half a million people annually, a large proportion of them infants and young kids in the lowest parts of Africa.

Medicine is the very first given every year. Prizes for achievements in peace, literature and science were first given in 1901 in compliance with all the will of businessman Alfred Nobel and dynamite inventor.