OH FRESH! Quantico Season 2 new promo: Priyanka Chopra’s fierce action avatar...

OH FRESH! Quantico Season 2 new promo: Priyanka Chopra’s fierce action avatar will continue to intrigue you


The performer who plays a CIA officer this season will be seen performing some high octane action scenes similar to what she did in her first season. The show which is extremely popular has made PeeCee a well known face in the West and thanks to the popularity; she could bag her first Hollywood venture. It’ll be fascinating to see how well she balances her life in this upcoming season after leaving FBI and her fellow teammates to join CIA.

The promo of first episode gives you a peek on which another season is going to be all about. The storyline revolves around several terrorists who take the FBI officials as hostage and the President of Unites States in return for the liberty of one Arab terrorist. Priyanka who is no longer a part of FBI is investigating the case from her end and how she conquers the hurdles in the end is all the gist of what the entire episode will be all about.

The end of Quantico season one saw that Alex was let go of all the charges against her, but the FBI fired her, and eventually approached by the CIA. She’ll also find herself in a dilemma where she will need to choose between her friends from FBI and CIA, contemplating both organisations are not on great terms. This means Alex’s life will undergo many ups and downs, not only professionally, but on private front also.

The new season may also see sizzling chemistry between between Ryan and Alex Booth, played by actor Jake McLaughlin, too. We’d got to see a glance of it in the promo that was earlier. Also, we’ll get to see Priyanka in a wonderful makeover, with a new hairdo and playing with a confident Alex. Season 2 already looks loaded with enough salt and pepper.

So mark the dates folks! Quantico Season 2 releases on 25th September.