Oh NO! DRUNK Alia Bhatt Asks Shah Rukh Khan To Drop His...

Oh NO! DRUNK Alia Bhatt Asks Shah Rukh Khan To Drop His Pants!


Irrfan was afterward invited on stage by Shah Rukh(attempting to look rattled) where they continued to spar on the ‘Shah Rukh’ and ‘Irrfan’ kind of film.

Shah Rukh did an awful takeoff on Irrfan’s Piku and its particular dialogues that are scatological. Irrfan’s takeoff on Shah Rukh’s Mohabbatein was cringe-worthy. When Irrfan desired a proper introduction Shah Rukh invited Caucasian chorus girl on stage dance and ahead for Irrfan charming, no?

What may have been an engrossing debate on the hardcore commercial cinema of SRKand off-mainstream film that Irrfan specializes in, turned right into a selfconsciously rigged attempt by throwing scripted abuses at one another to act.

It was an evening of insolence that is deep-seated. Alia Bhatt sprang out of her seat to “insult” ShahRukh Khan’s anchoring of the Filmfare awards.

Drop your pants,’ Alia ordered. Shah Rukh didn’t pay heed to this request that is bizarre. (An aside: why could it be cute when female celebrities make lewd propositions, and vulgar and criminal when guys do the s(h)ame?) .

Alia is rapidly turning into an enchantress of excesses. She’s seen everywhere attempting to act cute and cocky.

At the Filmfare awards her court to the music and tunes in her father Mahesh Bhatt’s film didn’t get one measure right.

Was this a court or a takeoff? Kapil Sharma who has some free time on his hand now that his show has closed down, urgently needs a new script writer.

His questions at theFilmfare awards to Rekha and the Bachchans bordered on the bizarre. From Mrs Jaya Bachchan, Kapil wished to understand if she pours cooking oil into empty bottles of shampoo, like his mommy does.

From Rekha Kapil wished to understand when the shampoo runs out while she’s washing her hair, what she does. Forget shampoo,Kapil.Something much more vital has run out of your personality.

We are searching for that ‘IT’ quality in your stage presence. Exactly the same goes for the awards functions which have lost their luster.

The empty seats in the back rows in the Filmfareaward site testified to the rapidly diminished air of star awards nites. Even at home on television they are excruciating to watch.