Oh NO! Khloe Kardashian Lost Her Virginity At 15!

Oh NO! Khloe Kardashian Lost Her Virginity At 15!


We know the family that goes past the normal to do things that bring them celebrity well as the Kardashians. When she lost her vitrgity in a recent video on the web site of Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian discloses. And, it was at a vulnerable age of 15!

Yes, it is accurate! The star herself confessed to having had coitus and Kourtney could not have been more surprised.

It was began using a question that was very innocent while playing the game ‘Know Thy Sister’, that was posted on Kourtney’s paid site.

The game started using the question, ‘what’s your favorite color?’ The question was replied by Kourtney confidently.

She said, ‘I believe everybody in the whole universe knows that answer,’. As and when questions got more, the virginity issue emerged.

When that question was fired by Kourtney at Khloe, the number was written down by the youger sister. Took some time guess while saying, ‘I think it was 15?’.

To which, the reply was revealed by Khloe by just the what she had written on the paper and also the answer was correct!

To which said, ‘What? Who can you believe I am?’ ‘I dunno. I recall it being a first kiss that is late. Watch the complete video to view who won this round, and be sure to check back soon for the following one!’