OH NO! REASON why Varun Dhawan skipped Dabboo Ratnani’s 2016 calendar launch!

OH NO! REASON why Varun Dhawan skipped Dabboo Ratnani’s 2016 calendar launch!


So all of US understand that being featured in the calendar of Dabboo Ratnani is an enormous matter. The tendency continues to be happening for some time now and till Dabboo releases the calendar every year in Jan month, we’ve got to have our anti anxiety pills.

This year also, we found some protections and monochromes imagination as Dabboo unleashed the far-out side of his. On the start of the 2016 calendar, several stars featured in the calendar while some could not make it for the launching waltzed in with panache.

I Had like to take you where Varun has become the victim of many harms before I spill the beans! Beginning from his harm during shooting Badlapur stunt where himself nearly hurt when he stumbled while performing.

Varun certainly is a harm attraction! Coming back to the narrative, the Dilwale performer yesterday was seen near the office around evening time of Karan Johar but the performer was seen hobbling having a knee bandage. But as the actor suffered a knee injury, rationale being cryptic far, he modeled having a huge grin on his face. We are supposing this may be the reason why it couldn’t be made by Varun last night for the calendar start that also took place.

A great number of successive harms aren’t bad, you know! Well, the performer was not present for the launching the evening exciting, but his brilliant picture nonetheless made! Oh wait, it nearly slipped from my head, what was Varun? Discussion of a job that is new maybe?