OH NO! Salu BHAI to be sued for his birthday gift?

OH NO! Salu BHAI to be sued for his birthday gift?


He was wanted by the entire world and Salman believed to recognize this love by gifting something unique to any or all his supporters and followers, as he reach half century. Talking of which, he unveiled an internet shopping platform for clothing, various merchandises and much more. It was labeled “khanmarketonline.com,”. Nevertheless, turns out this web site has got him in legal trouble.

Delhi’s Khan Market Traders Association are considering suing for establishing the web site as the name resembles Khan Market, Salman Khan. Yes! Means a great deal if you ask me . Aur yeh raha aapka return present – http://www.KhanMarketOnline.com” The site is yet to start operations but is open for enrollments. The Khan Market dealers have irked. Organization president Sanjiv Mehra said to some news daily today, “we’re a world-renowned marketplace. Just how can the performer use the name because of his portal site of our marketplace? Customers will turn up here and require the exact same if he declares reduction for goods on his portal site. They’re obligated to be confounded.”

The dealers are quiet as the New Year approached. There must be thousands of Khan Marketplaces in the united states.

Bangalore-based legal research worker and creator of Alternative Law Forum, Lawrence Liang additionally included, “There Is a standard legal remedy to safeguard unregistered trademarks. But as both parties here aren’t rivals in an identical trade and it’s also not likely that their companies will likely be changed, I do not see any merit of the case.”

It is also seen by some . As societal jurist promoter Ashok Agarwal proposed, “There’s no provision in regulations for such claims. This may only give promotion to the marketplace as well as the portal site.”

It remains to be seen not or if your case will probably be submitted. Salman will confront more legal problems, that to to get a return present for his devotees, when it is filed. What would you think concerning this entire scenario? Tell us!