Oh YES! This Is The Next Step In Virat & Anushka’s Relationship,...

Oh YES! This Is The Next Step In Virat & Anushka’s Relationship, When They’re Back Together!


One of the cutest couples in the whole world, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma happily patched up and again chilling together!

They decided to take a nap after years of dating and not to mention there were solid reason of this break. Anushka having to endure abuse from supporters if Virat played poorly and their hectic schedules had taken a toll on the relationship but they determined to make a brand new start. According to a report in Bombay Times, Anushka and Virat are striving to keep things low key.


Anushka needed to watch Virat play at the IPL match, last week, but he insisted he is joined by her and his team at the after party only. No one from the media even got a hint of her existence. Another recent photograph of the two at a restaurant surfaced on the Internet simply because someone from the staff shot the picture, the paparazzi had no thought. Here’s what the source close to the publication has to say about their decision to keep a low profile-

“There will be fewer public appearances now as Virat doesn’t want her to face the flak for his performance on field. Earlier, the cricketer would profess his love publicly on social media, but this time around they have decided to keep their relationship out of the public glare because too much was being said about them.”