OLALA!!! Preity Zinta wants to Ring her bells in Jan 2016 with...

OLALA!!! Preity Zinta wants to Ring her bells in Jan 2016 with American boyfriend?


Preity Zinta was a leading performer no doubt. Honest, great appearances and preity’s cheerful nature enabled her to become one of the most notable performers of Bollywood . A lot of accolades and with this much success under her belt, Zinta has to be wed. Still, it appears that may even be shortly looked after.

Rumours are rife the performer can also be all set to marry her beau that is American Gene Gooenough in an exclusive service. Based on rumours, family and friends members that are near the performer will attend the wedding ceremony. In accordance with the guesses, the performer will shortly join her husband by traveling to America by means of a flight.

“Gene isn’t Preity’s boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a buddy that is very good. Small niece and Preity’s brother reside in the United States and she sees them often.

2015 has so far. In July, Shahid Kapoor tied the knot -based daughter Mira Rajput in a low key service that was attended by the performers’ close family and friends.

Preity Zinta was additionally in a connection with whom she had a lot and a bitter break up of horrible accusations of mistreatment in public.

Will the aisle really walk down? Or are these merely baseless rumours with no credibility attached to them?