OMG! 10 years of JAIL for Hrithik Roshan if Kangana Ranaut wins...

OMG! 10 years of JAIL for Hrithik Roshan if Kangana Ranaut wins the legal battle?


Hrithik Roshan appears to have really messed with the wrong woman. Kangana Ranaut does not appear to finish any time soon, while his legal fight with ex girlfriend. Yes! According to report in Mumbai Mirror, the attorney of Kangana has charged Hrithik of the Information Technology Act that may set Hrithik behind the bars -10 years.

For all that we understand, it’s come to the litigation of Hrithik where Kangana has been accused by him for have hounded him with senseless, ‘illogical’ emails. He even went to promise she endures from “Aspergers Syndrome.” as reported by Mumbai Mirror. Nevertheless, Hrithik only issued an official statement clarifying the entire problem saying, “The crux of the matter is the mail id DOESN’T belong to me.

When I learnt of the impersonator communicating using the said individual, I’d filed a charge in this respect with Mumbai cyber crime cell on 12 th. I’ve ZERO LINK with this particular ID. On 5 th we reactivated our charge as well as the offense unit has made headway in monitoring down this man.

Once that’s done this matter could be laid to rest.”What have you got to mention regarding the entire problem?