OMG! 5 Shocking FACTS made by Kangana Ranaut about relationships, break-ups and...

OMG! 5 Shocking FACTS made by Kangana Ranaut about relationships, break-ups and Hrithik Roshan!


Kangana Ranaut is currently in news for all of the wrong reasons. Her statements are constantly being misunderstood for being arrogant, insecure, selfish. Definitely something that no girl would like to admit in life. However, Kangana picks to keep her self-confidence despite each of the hate and ignorance. Read on to get to know her 5 shocking confessions…

#On dealing with heartbreaks

Without taking any names from her past relationships, Kangana says, “I feel when two people amicably decide to end an equation, they must give it a dignified closure and stick to it. I take plenty of time to put an end to a relationship but it is over after I leave it behind. It’s extremely upsetting when others don’t follow it. As you can find so many around I never mourn over my previous men. I’ve never begged a man after he’s determined to move on to stay. I rejected and have been dumped so many times. But it has never shattered my self-assurance. I am aware there’s always another narrative around the corner. There’s always a guy better than the one before.”

#On Hrithik’s dissing tweet

I don’t have anything to say about that but generally speaking, as it pertains to human emotions and equations, there are really no rules. You never know one fine day you awaken along with a want to have somebody or one day you stop wanting it.

#On why her relationship never worked

Kangana feels her honesty irks all the guys in her life. She adds, “It isn’t an easy task to be in love with someone like me. Most men don’t enjoy girls with such honesty and I am open about my entire life, it can be nerve. Ahem! Suggesting at Hrithik again? You determine…

#On patching up with her ex for a film sake

Now that is one thing everyone would desire to know. But Kangana smartly puts it out saying, “I ‘m in a place where I will decide to work with who I need to. I won’t do it if I do not feel comfortable. I don’t believe my work is more significant than me.”

#On finding her Mr. Right

Kangana confesses that she wants a man who loves to play with fire. In fact, she even went on to quip she enjoys men who love to tame lionesses that were roaring. Well, that is crazy. But Kangana believes that having been constantly referred to as this badass chick who will frighten the shit out of guys, she needs a man who can match up to that.”

Well, now that was one volatile interview , right?