OMG AMAZING!! Apple turns stores into classrooms

OMG AMAZING!! Apple turns stores into classrooms


Apple is using all of its worldwide network of stores as temporary classrooms this week to teach coding.

“These devices are so much a part of our lives, we have a computer in some form wherever we go, that the ability to create in that medium is as fundamental as the ability to write,” he said.

The project promises to have achieved over 100 million children a year ago, in line with the BBC.

“These apparatus are so much part of our own lives, we’ve got a pc in a few kind wherever we go, the power to produce for the reason that medium is as essential as the capacity to write,” Federighi said.

“It is a really creative medium, not unlike music, and there is a remarkable crossover between individuals who programme and musicians,” he continued, harking back to late Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ evaluation that artwork and computer science are one and the same.

Apple will open up its global network of shops for the job, encouraging kids in to code on iPads and the Macs.

However Mr Federighi adds: “There’s no question in my mind of the value in technology in fuelling young minds.

“Like any other tool, if you simply throw it in the classroom, and don’t consider how best to take advantage of that tool, and you try the old ways with a new piece of technology on the desk, it’s no panacea.

“But the potential of the technology when well applied is phenomenal.”