OMG! HOT Alia Bhatt REACTS to the news related to her burns!

OMG! HOT Alia Bhatt REACTS to the news related to her burns!


Alia endured some serious burns as a result of bursting of crackers on stage on her face and hands. The performer was taken for attention and was promptly assisted backstage. But it’s not glad to discover that the bubbly actress needed to undergo the circumstances of crackers. This event certainly shows that crackers are hardly harmless and this example shall be used to reduce firing of crackers.

From time the news of Alia enduring burns was disclosed, the performer was flooded so the performer could return on the trail with get well soon wants! As well as the diva that was pretty, being the social networking queen that she’s, took to Twitter to talk about her gratitude of all wishes she received. The celebrity tweeted that life cannot go mishap-free but injuries like her burn injury may be avoided. She thanks all her supporters and well wishers at the same time and cleared out by saying that her face was wonderful, the atmosphere. Nonetheless, the performer still was able to place a grin on her face even.

She Tweeted:

“Thank you guysss so much for all your concern, love and wishes !!! Things like this are a gentle reminder that we can’t overlook safety.”

“It isn’t possible to go through life accident-free. But, most accidents- like this one – are preventable… FYI my face is fine.”

With her movies gearing to release next year, let’s hope the actress manages to entertain us as always! So all you peeps, stay tuned to this space for more updates and gossips on Bollywood!