OMG! Hrithik Roshan wants to expose Kangana Ranaut’s lie?

OMG! Hrithik Roshan wants to expose Kangana Ranaut’s lie?


If you guys believe that the entire Kangana- Hrithik controversy will soon come to a conclusion, then you are highly mistaken. Remember few days back Hrithik’s daddy made a statement where he said if the real truth comes out, it will be a massive shock to everyone. Nicely seems like the statement was no random one and he has some strong evidence..

Based on a report by a top daily, his team of attorneys and “Hrithik are all set with the actress which hopefully will culminate in the truth for the final and next round of struggle. Now all the facts and documented evidence of Hrithik’s innocence will be put in the public domain.”

A really close buddy of Hrithik reveals, “He is fighting for himself. Hrithik’s war is against sex prejudice that’s common in modern societies the world around. In regards to sex, a woman can do no wrong. Why? Due to her gender. Hrithik’s own predicament has made him realize what occurs to thousands and hundreds of men who are falsely implicated in molestation and dowry cases by girls that are vengeful. Hrithik feels like among them.”

This same source further discloses that there was nothing between Hrithik and Kangana apart from professional relations. They met a couple of times socially, that’s it. The 7-year event and engagement in Paris that has been written about is totally fabricated. Let her come out in public and say that she had a relationship with Hrithik for seven years, seven days, seven hours or even seven minute.

Hrithik is hugely shattered with this whole encounter. He believes it’s not only the laws of the land which can be counted heavily in favour of women, it’s also the mindset. Why hasn’t the other party come out with it”, if there is?

Where women accuse men of offenses he now thinks not only to expose the lie about the alleged liaison but also wants to start a discussion on all cases. All a woman has to do is say that a man has wronged her and the guy is in jail regardless off his innocence or culpability. It’s this ideology that is legal and moral that Hrithik wants to fight now.

So should we warn relating to this storm which is shortly approaching Kangana? We hope the performer is reading this.