OMG! Is Iulia Vantur HITTING BACK at Daisy Shah with this latest...

OMG! Is Iulia Vantur HITTING BACK at Daisy Shah with this latest Insta post?


Now we ’re convinced you must have read about Iulia Vantur’s displeasure over boyfriend Salman Khan being friends with Daisy Shah. Buzz is that Iulia has firmly requested Salman to stay away from Daisy. In reality, there were even reports how Iulia and Daisy have had several arguments about the same in the recent past. But Iulia’s recent Insta image is looked at by one and you will end up rest assured that something is unquestionably pissing off Iulia now. Yes!

Iulia merely put this selfie up but it’s the caption that gives a larger narrative. It reads, when u assess your look in the mirror “, take a minute to assess yourself. Whatever we do or say is there #reflected in the mirror #yourself(ie) #check #dogood #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #payattention #nobills2pay.” Significance that is deep eh? We’d’t be surprised if she is actually taunting with this one at Daisy. Not once did Daisy discuss in favour of Iulia in her interview with us, because for all that you know. In fact she went on to clarify I am not her friend. So, it does if she’s not or there ’t really matter. So that acknowledgement is there, but I really do’t understand anything about her. She’s been presented as Salman’s buddy and that’s all I know about her.”