OMG! Is Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan really running away from party...

OMG! Is Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan really running away from party addict chicks?


Yes! In his latest post that was Instagram, he posted a picture which has a caption saying, “No team rats… Attempt Material teammate.” I know, it is’t a phrase that you would decode readily. But I would like to break it to you. We googled a little to get that lingo and we figured out that club rats that were ‘ ’ is a renowned slang used to refer to girls who are dependent on clubs. And ‘Cloth’ is only a popular nightclub in London, same place where Aryan is examining right now. So that gets you to his caption that really means, “Do’t need girls who are addicted to clubbing, try Fabric my pal’ Ahem! Interesting eh?

After all, we’ve seen lots of pictures of Aryan partying with his gang, including a few hot ones’ with his close friend Navya Naveli Nanda. Actually, Navya is always up to some crazy shizz and is this type of party fanatic. Oh! She’s the most quirky celeb kid we have on the block right now.

Anyway, so coming back to Aryan, does this latest picture of his really mean he is quite the opposite of what he’s on Instagram? Or can it be simply one of those times’ when avoid the girls who do mad things at parties and he simply want to be on his own?