OMG! Justin Bieber Gets Grabbed Tightly Around The Throat By Post Malone

OMG! Justin Bieber Gets Grabbed Tightly Around The Throat By Post Malone


Yikes! Justin Bieber looks like he did ’t say ‘Sorry’ for supposedly using pal Post Malone’s arm as an ashtray, as new pictures have emerged of the ‘White Iverson’ vocalist choking out the Biebs! Read on for more regarding the event that is shocking.

So scary! 22, Justin Bieber, might need to inquire “What Can You Mean” to his opening act Post Malone, 20, after he seemed to be getting choked by the rapper after the Biebs supposedly put out a lit cigarette on Post’s arm. Post was in the middle when Justin gave him the burn of performing at a Houston club, so maybe this was his way of letting Justin understand later that he not be utilized as a human ashtray!

Justin certainly looks shocked when Post sometimes appears in pictures reaching upwards and seeming to snatch the Canadian vocalist by the throat with his left hand. From the expression on the Biebs’ face, this was’t some good old bro-fun, he looks truly unnerved by what! A gray- clad that is beanie Justin is looking down at Post with a somewhat frightened look on his face, therefore it does’t seem this was some prank involving the two.

The incident went down Apr. 9 after the pair played a sold out concert in Houston before heading to the Che club with their respective entourages. The vocalist kept on going together with his tune while Justin giggled about it, but then came the payback through the alleged choking!

Whatever went down involving the pair, all was apparently nicely by another night when Post opened in Dallas, so as the old saying goes, the show must go on!