OMG !!! Katrina Kaif Got Bombarded With Tamasha Questions

OMG !!! Katrina Kaif Got Bombarded With Tamasha Questions


Katrina Kaif attended an event last night and she seemed SMOKIN’ HOT! We are confident when the public appearance was made by her, she understood that she was really going to be asked about his latest release Tamasha and Ranbir Kapoor.

The otherwise ‘booked’ celebrity decided to remark the recent movie Tamasha with ex-husband beau Deepika Padukone of Ranbir Kapoor.

Speaking to the media on her forthcoming jobs, a movie critic also turned when inquired about Ranbir’s latest appearance.

“Yes, I saw it. I thought it was OUTSTANDING! I thought it was an amazing Film.”

And what she thought of Ranbir’s performance…

“I thought he was superb in it.”

Meanwhile Deepika’s Tamasha and Ranbir has been performing well in the box office. It has brought in nicely in the international marketplace also and has almost crossed the 50 crore mark in the domestic box office.