OMG! Sister Khloe Kardashian Fears Blac Chyna Will Destroy Rob Kardashian By...

OMG! Sister Khloe Kardashian Fears Blac Chyna Will Destroy Rob Kardashian By Breaking His Heart


Khloe Kardashian has had her brother’s back since day one. Since Blac Chyna is playing with Rob Kardashian’s fragile heart, a source tells that Khloe fears the worst.

Once reclusive Rob Kardashian, appears to be truly in love with his new girlfriend Blac Chyna, 27 and 28, is back in the stream of life. Most siblings will be happy for his or her brother, but Khloe Kardashian, 31, isn’t like most sisters — particularly when Rob and a wild woman like Blac ‘s dating.

Blac is posting graphics wearing next to nothing, twerking for reports and men are surfacing that she has been seen partying using a fine mystery man.

All this has big sister Khloe freaking out.”Khloe worries Blac’s outrageous antics could break Rob’s heart and cause him to possess a significant relapse or well-being drawback,” says a source near the family.

Khloe believes it’s not an issue of if, but when Blac ends up destroying his heart. And at that point, Rob may never leave the home again!”2016 has been great to Rob thus far.

Blac has done the same and even shared a picture of Rob with his face buried in her chest. The young couple appear quite joyful and that’s Khloe very worried.”Rob is in a dangerous situation along with his well-being and has really been making good progress thanks to Blac’s help but now she could be reversing all of the good she’s done,” shares the source. “Rob is still very delicate and is just starting to snap out of his melancholy and come out of his shell. Khloe feels that a terrible break up could destroy him.”