OMG! La’Porsha Renae ‘HEARTBREAKING’ Statement After ‘American Idol’ Loss — Is She...

OMG! La’Porsha Renae ‘HEARTBREAKING’ Statement After ‘American Idol’ Loss — Is She Angry With Results?


Poor La’Porsha Renae! When Trent Harmon’s name was announced as the winner of ‘American Idol’ Apr. 7, she appeared completely devastated.

La’Porsha Renae, was greatly favored to be crowned the American Idol that was closing, so is she mad that she did’t take home the supreme prize? The judges responded in shocked disbelief that she lost the title to La’Porsha, 25, and fellow Mississippian Trent Harmon herself seemed floored too.

Spoke to the singing powerhouse following the opposition to find out whether she’s still damaging in regards to the voters’ selection.

“I am not angry at all! I am not surprised at all, this is the way American Idol is and something that always happens! The person everyone thinks is going to win usually doesn’t, so that is why I hated good critiques all the time!” she told, TOO ACCURATE about most of the compliments the judges kept piling on La’Porsha week. From how that they burned about her, she was almost crowned the winner long before the contest stopped.

“It is kind of the way the game goes and I am completely fine with it. I am not angry or surprised. Trent deserved this, he earned this just as much as I felt that I did. It could have been either way.” Aww, it’s sweet that she’s such a good sport about this.