OMG! Miley Cyrus SEXTING, sending sexy messages to Jared?

OMG! Miley Cyrus SEXTING, sending sexy messages to Jared?


Oh boy! All the hot details about Jared Leto’s and Miley Cyrus hookup relationship are coming out, plus they contain lots of sexting! A source told ONLY that Miley’s about sending hot pics.
Might it be hot in here, or could it be only Jared Leto, 43, 23, and Miley Cyrus? The rumored new couple might be overly busy to hang out on a regular basis, but whenever they are apart, Miley keeps matters steamy with naughty images of herself, a source tells ONLY. Here’s what we understand.

We were completely shocked! The relationship involving both eccentric, quite sexual stars absolutely makes sense, although there is a significant age difference. Yet, with Jared active boosting Miley and Suicide Squad outside on Her Dead Pets tour & her Miley Cyrus, how can they remain linked? “Mainly only by text.”

But when their relationship is not mainly mental, how can when they are apart so substantially, they keep things? “They send each other hot photos also,” a source tells ONLY. “Miley loves teasing him with hot photos of herself.” Miley is comfortable and very open about her body, having done several shoots that are naked and posting risque pictures Instagram all the time. When she is attempting to be hot, we can not even envision the sort of things she is sending! Woah.

Nevertheless, it seems like there might be more than hooking up. “It is super casual but he is much more than a hook up buddy,” the source tells ONLY. Aw! We’d like to find this couple flower. Miley has not really dated since her difficult break up but Jared looks like a match that was legit. They are both such folks that are actual, and we are so happy they have found each other.