OMG !! RANVEER Singh Is too funny to handle: He saw Bajirao’s...

OMG !! RANVEER Singh Is too funny to handle: He saw Bajirao’s ghost on sets of his film


The Bajirao Mastani performer, who’s consistently spirited, appears to have had a spirit meeting of his own! It’s impossible to reverse the reality that Ranveer Singh really struck a strange paranormal encounter as it might seem. Even though the performer will not believe in spirits and ghosts, but even he could not deny the fact of the event that is spooky! The celebrity confessed that he failed to believe until a specific event that got him reconsider his ‘no believing phantoms’ in these matters!

The celebrity was quoted saying, “It was a very trippy experience and I completely freaked out. I recall it as one of the most difficult days of the shoot. I thought I felt some kind of presence and something told me it’s him.”

When he was in the shower thinking of Ranveer falling upon the spirit of Peshwa Bajirao crossed his head.

“I started to think what if I encounter his ghost and connect to his spirit and all. I don’t know what made me think of it. But it was the following week that I felt it actually happen. I had a tough task ahead of me on that day of shoot and I was praying hard to get it right. There was a black wall on the sets on which some white dust had settled and formed the pattern in the shape of Bajirao’s figure. It had the turban, the eyes, nose, the mooch and the arms. The resemblance was for all to see. Yes, it could well be my mind playing tricks, but I had a strong instinctive feeling. I am not someone who believes in ghosts. But I do have my moments of superstition.”

Well Ranveer, provided that you’re also taking into consideration the hallucination possibility in your quotation, it’s not dangerous. Seems such as the character of Bajirao has truly began playing with your head! Whatever might be the case, we only expect it does not toy with your energy that is crazy!