OMG RECENT BUZZ IS AMAZING !! Shahid Kapoor to romance Alia Bhatt...

OMG RECENT BUZZ IS AMAZING !! Shahid Kapoor to romance Alia Bhatt in Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin remake Yayyyyy


Remaking hit 90s’ movies is an increasing tendency these days and it looks Aamir Khan-Pooja Bhatt’s “Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin”, which was among the greatest hits of the age, may be next.

A lot was said and written about it. While Pooja chose to rubbish the chance for a remake, Bhushan Kumar and Mahesh Bhatt came across not neutral within their interview with Bollywood Hungama from several years back.

Previously, there were conjectures the makers were on the watch to get a leading lady and So that Emraan Hashmi was finalised, the recent buzz indicates Shahid Kapoor will soon be seen romancing Alia Bhatt in it.

This can, at best, be considered a just guess, since there is no official statement yet.

In other news, when Pooja was once requested whom would she need in her and Aamir’s shoes for “DHKMN”, she replied saying Ranbir Kapoor and Alia.

The performer-director also said it was not possible to recreate.

“When DHKMN was made 24 years ago, laws about copyright infringement were very vague. Bollywood directors would happily rip off every film from Hollywood they could lay their eyes on. Now you can’t get away with it. If you are caught copying, there’s hell to pay,” the insider further elaborated.