OMG !!! Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s past is UNACCEPTABLE for Rishi...

OMG !!! Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s past is UNACCEPTABLE for Rishi Kapoor?


Devotees are illogical. They adore everything about their display gods and goddesses. They adore who their idols adore plus they go after anyone who they consider an opponent of the idols. Deepika Padukone is loved by cases in point: Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor enthusiasts adore the devotees of Kareena and Katrina Kaif adore Saif Ali Khan.

On the reverse side, supporters target their favourite stars’ competitors. Until lately, Salman and SRK enthusiasts insulted each other. Currently that the two performers are buddies again, some kind of truce was called. That is the way that it’s although it is stupid.

Paradoxically, Ranbir himself stays distanced from most of the malice. But Ranbir’s dad Rishi Kapoor, who’s quite active on Twitter, must confront the brunt of the fans of Salman’ ire against his beta.

So much hate from one celebrity’s fans…it is not healthy.” Alarmingly, a communal colour has been obtained by the hostile assault on Ranbir.

Includes a industrywallah, “Salman is a good man. He’s nothing against Kat and Ranbir. He’s even played post their breakup. The performer stays buddies along with his family. He definitely does not approve of this type of cyber intimidation or otherwise. While he wasn’t on talking terms with all the performer, his devotees smashed online for targetting SRK and his picture. Ultimately, however, there isn’t any guarantee if they are going to pay attention to reason.”